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How to buy and cook Veal

All you need to know to buy and cook this succulent piece of meat.

Veal is naturally lean and very tender. It is succulent in taste and absorbs flavourings beautifully. With its delicate flavour it is perfectly suited to lightly flavoured dishes including casseroles, braises, grills, roasts and schnitzels.

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Talk to your butcher when buying veal

Veal cuts are similar to beef cuts and are sold under similar names, for example veal rump or veal tenderloin. Ask if the veal is light or heavy.

Use ‘light veal’ for roasts, schnitzels and quick scaloppini or grill style-cooking methods as it tends to be more delicate in texture and have a less robust flavour.

Use ‘heavy veal’ for braises and stews as it has a more pronounced taste and takes wells to slow-simmering - which brings out its tenderness and delicious flavour.

Tips for cooking with veal

When cooking veal, follow the same methods that you would for beef or lamb, but keep the following in mind:

  • Care needs to be taken to not overcook veal. Take it from the heat just a few minutes short of its doneness goal. As it rests, the veal will continue to cook and be just perfect when you serve it.
  • Baste veal cutlets or medallions when you’re barbecuing or char-grilling. This will stop them drying out. Use a mix of olive oil, herbs and lemon juice.
  • Slow-simmer less expensive veal cuts like osso bucco, shoulder, neck and knuckle. This will give a moist, flavoursome and tender result.