Satay lamb burgers

Satay lamb burgers



Prep Time


Cook Time



600g Lean lamb mince

200g Roasted peanuts

2 Large red chillies, chopped

½ cup Light coconut milk

1 teaspoon Ground turmeric

1 tablespoon Ground cumin

¼ cup Dried breadcrumbs

¼ cup Chopped coriander


  • Blend roasted peanuts, red chilli, coconut milk, turmeric and cumin in food processor until a thick chunky paste is formed. Add to lamb with breadcrumbs and chopped coriander. Mix together well
  • Form into 8 flat patties approx. 100mm diameter and 10mm thick
  • Preheat BBQ on high heat setting. Reduce to low
  • Cook burgers for 5-6 minutes on each side, pressing down with a flat BBQ spatula, until browned and well cooked through


  • Serving Suggestion: Serve with carrot, capsicum and snow pea sprout salad. Fresh pineapple on the side
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