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Lamb Kebabs with Herb Salad

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500g Australian Lamb Shoulder, cubed
Olive Oil
For the Herb Salad:
1 tbsp Labneh
1 tbsp Sour Cream
3 tsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
½ lemon Juice
1 bunch Celery
1 Handful flat-leaf parsley leaves, stems removed
½ cup Mint Leaves
2 Leeks, white and green parts only, roughly chopped
Mix of herbs – Thyme, Rosemary & Oregano
Salt and Pepper, to taste


1 Thread lamb onto 8 skewers with 4 to 5 pieces of lamb on each skewer. Sprinkle salt and drizzle oil over the lambs.
2 Preheat the barbecue char-grill plate or pan to moderately-hot before adding the kebabs. Let the kebabs cook on one side until moisture appears before you turn. Cook for 2 minutes on each of the 4 sides.
3 Remove kebabs from the heat and cover loosely with foil, rest kebabs for 3 minutes before serving.
4 To make the herb salad: In a large bowl, add the remaining ingredients. Toss together with a fork and then season with salt and pepper.
5 Serve kebabs with the herb salad on the side.