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Beef sausages with honey and mustard dipping sauce

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Prep Time


Cook Time



24 beef chipolata sausages
0.25 cup honey
1 tbsp seeded mustard
raw vegetable sticks to serve


1 Preheat the barbecue, grill or pan and either barbecue, grill or pan-fry the sausages until browned and cooked.
2 Warm the honey in the microwave on Low setting for 30 seconds, or use a small saucepan and stir in the mustard. Spoon into small bowls and serve with the sausages. Serve raw vegetable sticks like celery or carrot too.


1 Kids love little sausages. Make longer beef sausages more manageable by twisting and turning the sausage in the middle to make two smaller ones. Snip in the middle with scissors, then grill, barbecue or pan-fry.
2 Don't pierce sausages before or during cooking. If you prick good quality sausages you let all the moisture and the flavour out.
3 Cook sausages slowly over a moderate heat. If you cook them too fast over a higher heat the skins may burst. Cooking them slowly and turning them regularly helps them brown well all over.
4 Simmering sausages in water before barbecuing them will keep them moist and helps them cook right through on the high heat of the barbecue, (this is a good tip for fatter style sausages).