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Australian Veal

Naturally tender veal from the land of lush green pastures

Veal is the meat produced from dairy calves weighing less than 70kg or beef calves (vealers/weaners) weighing up to 150kg.

Being one of the most efficient producers of cattle, Australia is also world renowned for Veal Production.


Cooking Australian Veal

Succulent in taste with a delicate flavour, Australian Veal is the meat perfectly suited to lightly flavoured dishes which includes casseroles, grills, braises and stews.

For a moist, flavoursome and tender result, slow-simmer less expensive veal cuts like osso bucco, shoulder, neck and knuckle would be your best choice.

Try these Aussie Veal Recipes

True Aussie Veal Cuts

Veal cuts are similar to beef cuts and are sold under similar names, for example veal rump or veal tenderloin.

With the help of our guide to True Aussie Veal Cuts, you will be able to master the art of cooking veal by choosing the perfect cut for every recipe thereby getting the most out of Australian Veal.

Veal Cuts

Raising Australian Veal

Veal can be produced from a calf of either sex, but mostly comes from male calves as they do not lactate.

Newborn veal calves are generally given only a limited amount of time with their mothers, which can be anywhere between a few hours and a few days.

Free-raised calves are sometimes raised alongside their mothers, and always have access to their mothers' milk.

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