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Australian Lamb

Lamb from an ideal home

Aussie Lamb is enjoyed all over the world in more than 100 countries. Why? Lamb from Down Under has the all-natural advantage. It’s free-range and naturally fed on our abundant pasturelands, so it's mild tasting and naturally lean and tender.

Plus, Aussie Lamb is free of artificial additives and hormone growth promotants — a pure product of its pure environment.


Cooking Australian Lamb

Aussie Lamb is available to customers in a wide array of product lines and cuts, each suited to different cooking techniques and recipes.

For instance, chops and t-bones are ace on the grill, while legs and shanks are best with a slow braise.

Try these Aussie Lamb Recipes

True Aussie Lamb Cuts

True Aussie Lamb offers you the widest choice and range of cuts. In fact, the wide variety of high quality cuts can sometimes be overwhelming.

Don't worry though. Our interactive guide to True Aussie Lamb Cuts is here to help you learn all about the wide range of lamb cuts, with detailed instructions on preparation and cooking.

It will also show you some of the best recpies that can be prepared with the selected cut.

Lamb Cuts

Raising Australian Lamb

Australia is one of the World's largest exporters of Lamb. Animal health and welfare is the number one priority for Australian farmers.

Australian Lamb is an all-natural product. All our lambs are naturally raised on lush green pastureland. Our lamb's sweet, mild taste is a result of Australia's pure environment.

True Aussie Lamb is raised on world’s finest ingredients: Clean Air, Fresh Water and Green Grass

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