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Short Loin is prepared from a Loin by the removal of specified ribs parallel to the Forequarter cutting line. To remove the ribs a cut is made along the contour of the specified rib and severing the dorsal edge of the thoracic vertebrae.


Secondary Cuts

Loin chop

Also known as the lamb 'T-bone', this chop is portioned from the shortloin that sits towards the back of the lamb, between the leg and the rack. The fillet and eye of loin muscles sit on opposite sides of the bone. With their tenderness, loin chops are ideal for barbecuing and best suited to high heat cooking methods.

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Boned and rolled loin roast

A boned and rolled loin roast is prepared from the shortloin that sits between the leg and the rack. With the bone removed, it’s quicker to cook and carve and has the added option of room for stuffing. The external layer of fat around this cut imparts flavour and helps prevent the roast drying out.

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Eye of loin

The eye of loin is prepared from the shortloin that sits between the leg and rack. It consists of the entire eye muscle, or whole loin, that lies along the spine. A muscle least used for movement, eye of loin is as tender as the tenderloin. It’s perfect for stuffing and trussing as it has a flap long enough to wrap around the stuffing to meet the eye muscle.

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