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Chump - Bone in is prepared from a bone in Leg . The Chump is removed by a cut at right angles across the Leg at a specified measured distance from the acetabulum. Butt Tenderloin retained.


Secondary Cuts

Chump chop

Chump chops are prepared from a boneless leg behind the loin by following its natural seams and then trimmed accordingly. They’re the equivalent to a beef rump steak left on the bone and are slightly bigger than cutlets or loin chops. These cuts are suited to barbecue and pan-fry cook methods and are tender with extra flavour imparted from the bone.

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Rump is prepared from a boneless leg by locating the seam between the boneless chump and the remaining leg cuts. Renowned for its tenderness and flavour, rump is best suited for roasting, or diced for dry heat cooking methods.

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