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The Shortloin sit between the leg and the rack sections. The shortloin is prepared from the Loin by a vertical cut to remove specified ribs. The shortloin is perfect for stuffing and trussing (fowl truss) for a roast as the flap of meat is long enough to wrap around the stuffing to meet the eye. It can also be cut into shortloin chops or medallions for pan fry or grill. There are two shortloins per carcase.


Secondary Cuts

Loin chop

The loin chop is portioned from the shortloin that sits towards the back of the goat, between the leg and the rack. With the fillet on one side of the bone and the eye of loin on the other, both muscles benefit from the flavours imparted by the central bone and natural marbling during cooking.

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Eye of loin

The eye of loin is prepared from the shortloin that sits between the leg and rack. It consists of the entire log-shaped eye muscle, or whole loin, that lies along the spine, with the silverskin removed. A muscle least used for exercise, eye of loin is just as tender as the tenderloin.

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