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Shin-Shank is prepared from either Forequarter/Hindquarter legs (extensor/ flexor group of muscles). The fore leg is removed by a cut following the Brisket removal line from the Forequarter through the M. triceps and M. biceps brachii and distal end to the humerus to include the radius/ulna and associated muscles.


Secondary Cuts

Shin bone-in

Shin bone-in is a cut prepared from the lower part of either the front or rear leg. Because it comes from a well-exercised muscle, it has little fat and abundant connective tissue. Slow, moist cooking methods over a low heat break down the connective tissue and allow the bone to impart flavour. The resulting meat is tender, making it an excellent cut for casseroles and curries.

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Boneless shin

Boneless shin is prepared from either the shin area of the leg or the heel muscle in the silverside. As this cut comes from a muscle used constantly for movement, it has little fat and plenty of connective tissue. Cooking boneless shin using a moist low, slow method softens the connective tissue and tenderises the cut while releasing a rich flavour and delivering a fall-apart texture. It’s an excellent value cut for slow cooking.

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