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Organic Beef & Lamb

Free of hormones, antibiotics and preservatives – Australian Organic beef and lamb are a natural choice

Organic Beef & Lamb

Organic beef and lamb is produced from cattle and sheep raised in an environment free of synthetic chemicals, herbicides and pesticides. Under Organic Certification the use of antibiotics, hormones, preservatives, growth promotants and genetically modified organisms are banned.


Good in every way

Australian organic beef and lamb is raised as nature intended. Our emphasis on sustainability, animal welfare and natural nutrition provides a product that is optimal for consumer’s health.

The future good health and well-being of your customers is one step closer to being guaranteed when you supply certified organic beef and lamb.

Organic Cattle is distinctive

Organic cattle are raised on certified organic farms, which is your guarantee that the animal has grazed on completely chemical-free pasture (no artificial pesticides, herbicides or fungicides).

The abundance of natural grazing land makes Australia the perfect place to nurture organic cattle.

Certified organic cattle go through life without the use of synthetic growth hormones or antibiotics.

Chilled, vacuum-packed Australian beef is naturally aged and achieves a shelf life of up to 120 days under optimal storage conditions.

Certified Organic

Customers can be assured that a product is organic when it displays the logo of a Department of Agriculture organic approved certifying organisation.

To be classified organic, the Organic Standards must be adhered to. The farm and processor must be fully converted to organics and have been organic for a minimum of three years. They must be approved and licensed by a third-party organic certifier, as approved by the Department of Agriculture.

Annual inspection ensures that the farmer and processor operate in a way that cares for the environment and for the quality of the product.