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Goat Farming

How we produce the Exotic Aussie Goat that everyone's talking about

Goat is one of the first herd animals domesticated by man. Goat meat is the most widely eaten in the world, and is a healthy addition to your diet owing to its low cholesterol content. The Australian Goat meat industry is on the rise as there is an ever-increasing consumer demand for healthy and exotic meat products.


Goat Farming in Australia

Our Australian Goats are farmed and bred naturally.

The gestation period of a goat falls around five months, and they usually give birth to 1 to 4 kids.

A maiden (virgin doe) will usually have one kid from her first pregnancy, and the multiple kids from subsequent pregnancies.


Weaning is when a kid is finally ready to come off its mother’s milk and introduced to the herd– a coming of age of sorts.

Kids are usually weaned at around 12 weeks of age.

Sometimes they are grouped into paddocks or families depending on their age and the farm in which they are raised.

Goats that are raised on pasture are called Farmed Goat and the ones that are raised on bushland are called Rangeland Goat.

But when is a goat ready?

The age at which a goat is ready for slaughter really depends on the market thay are targeted for.

Most goats are slaughtered from 3 months to 3 years of age.

When a goat is ready for slaughter also depends on the customers’ preference for age and weight.